anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections And Fillers – The War Against Aging

anti-wrinkle injections
08 Aug

The war against aging has brought about quite a few effective treatments. And while some are more potent than others, there’s still a huge range of products and treatments to choose from. In fact, just a few lifestyle changes can help reduce aging. But this article isn’t about changing your lifestyle. Instead, it’s a look at most popular weapons against aging namely anti-wrinkle injections (Botox injections) and fillers.

These are procedures that are done incredibly quickly and don’t come with much pain. Plus, you can see the effects almost immediately. Here is a look at the what botox injections and fillers entail.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botox Injections)
When Botox is injected, it will relax the muscles. And while they relax the muscles, they also prevent them from creasing. Anti-wrinkle injections like Botox is very effective for areas around the eyes and frown lines.

The Length Of The Procedure
Usually, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes for a certified doctor to inject botox, but in some cases, it might take a little longer.

Effects And Healing Time
There will be some swelling and some sensitivity, but the injection itself is not painful, and neither is the aftermath. Apart from the swelling and a little pain, there shouldn’t be too much discomfort.

How Long Does Botox Last?
One treatment can last between 3 to 4 months. After this time, another injection will be necessary, otherwise, the creases will return. And if you continue the treatment, it’s possible for the injection to last longer than 4 months.

Possible Disasters?
Getting a Botox injection should provide any permanent or lethal threat. Instead, if there’s a problem, it will most likely stay contained in the area of the injection.

Fillers don’t work in the same way as anti-wrinkle injections or Botox injections for that matter. Instead of relaxing the muscles, fillers literally fill in spaces underneath the skin.

This gives the doctor an opportunity to sculpt sections of your face, such as giving you fuller lips. This treatment is also known as Hyaluronic acid fillers, a better replacement for collagen.

How Long Do Fillers Last?
The average time fillers will have an effect is usually 12 months. But with high-quality fillers, you can expect anything up to 18 months.

Effects And Pain
Unfortunately, these injections hurt more than Botox injections, and there can be complications if the filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel. There’s also the chance of suffering an allergic reaction.

For the most part, fillers are safe, but only when injected by a certified doctor.

Always Stay Safe
Even though both the above-mentioned treatments are typically safe, it’s only because the right people are handling the injections. Botox is a prescribed medication, but it doesn’t require a licensed doctor to inject it.

This means you should only get injections from a professional, otherwise, anti-wrinkle injections won’t be safe anymore.

And if you wanted effective weapons against aging, they don’t get more effective than Botox and fillers.